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My Flash Gordon moments of brilliance.
October 21, 2010, 7:26 pm
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This is going to be probably such “duh” type stuff that you will all resist the urge to slap me in the back of the head Gibbs from NCIS style, but we have an ENORMOUS amount of apples we got from my parents apple trees.  I have made applesauce, dried apples, applesauce brownies ( these are INSANELY delicious, btw) and i still have a giant bag.

So i moved the bag into the car.  Now i don’t have to worry about

1. packing the kids a snack every freaking time we go somewhere

2. the apples stay nice and crisp and cool cause it is nice and crisp and cool outside

3. I have a HEALTHY snack after a workout which cuts down on the post workout “omg jack in the box big cheeseburger meet my gaping facehole NOW”

4. My car smells AWESOME like apples and it covers up the smooshed banana/spilled milk funk that lives in it

Anyway, this isn’t going to literally SAVE anyone’s life or anything, i just thought i would share my 10 second shot of smartyness with you all.


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