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Its Got What Plants Crave, Its Got Electrolytes
October 21, 2010, 1:48 am
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So i went to mail a sweatshirt to a friend of mine today, i brought it to the post office and had the following bizarre exchange

Me: Yes, i need this to go to North Bend, using the cheapest shipping method

Postal Employee with Vacant Dead Eyes: OK That will be 30 dollars for overnight, 20 dollars for 2 day mail and 5.25 $ for parcel post.

Me: OK, lets send it Parcel Post

Postal Employee now with Befuddled Expression: But THIRTY dollars gets it there overnight

Me: I prefer parcel post thanks

Postal Employee looking at ME like i am the idiot: It would BE there tomorrow, so don’t you want it to get there tomorrow

Me: Its just a sweatshirt, nothing earth shattering, i will take parcel post.

( also as a note, i had counted out my 5.25$ and put it on the counter already)

Postal Employee Probably Getting Ready to AK-47 me for not picking Overnight mail: Fine, alright then, it COULD have been there tomorrow.  It might not even get there until NEXT WEEK.

Me: I could so totally care less, it is a sweatshirt, not nuclear secrets.

I swear to God I seriously think i am living in the movie Idiocracy someday.  Like that it actually a chilling fact based documentary about the future of mankind and not just a movie from the dude who did  Office Space and has the one Wilson brother dude in it.


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TWO Wilson brothers. The bad-ass Rehabilitation dude is the oldest brother, Andrew. He was also in Whip It 🙂

Comment by Sarah

It thanks It for sending things to NB. Exciting stuff. Exciting like celebrating Michael Bolton’s entire catalogue…

Comment by It

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